Putting your minds at ease

A while ago I read a webcomic, which I sadly failed to bookmark, in which a thoughtful gentleman explains to his girlfriend that now she doesn't need to worry any more about whether he owns some creepy piece of medical equipment or other. Because see, he does!

[UPDATE: Here it is! First date, not girlfriend. Bone saw. In the back of his car.]

Bone chisel

Apropos of which, here is my bone chisel.

It's very sharp.

(Actually, as surgical implements whose names start with "bone" go, this thing's pretty mild.)

(See also: My artificial hip!)

8 Responses to “Putting your minds at ease”

  1. Stefans Says:

    I'm fairly sure that comic was Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. As far as I remember it was a bonesaw, but I can't be bothered to go trawling through the archives looking for it.

  2. Chris Lineker Says:

    I have to wonder why exactly.

  3. jimnutt Says:

    Ok, my surgical technician wife has a question, why do you have the rubber foot off a chair over the end of the chisel? And not even where it can protect the edge? Also, according to her, that's not particularly creepy, apparently some of the things used for poking into the brain, those are creepy..

  4. Primathon Says:

    A while ago a buddy of mine gave me an alleged "tooth extractor", an image of which can be found here.

    It's made by some company I'd never heard of by the name of "Hu-Friedy" -- further research certainly lends validity to the claim that this object is what it was claimed to be. That company's website is full of the most torturous devices I've ever seen. Feel free to poke around; I only got about three items in before I started cringing at what I was finding.

  5. Dynastar Says:

    Cool webcomic. I think this is the one you read:


  6. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I knew one of you dorks would find it for me :-). I'll add a mention to the post. Thanks!

  7. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Re the thing-that-looks-like-nothing-so-much-as-a-chair-foot on the end of the chisel: It came like that, and I don't think I'd be able to pull the rubber piece off without liberal application of boiling water, and/or the autoclave it's presumably been through a few times.

    The flare on the end of the chisel locks it onto the rubber piece quite solidly, so I think it actually is meant to be there.

  8. squash Says:

    So the question no one is asking is... Who are you planning to use this on?

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