Feline globule update

Thomas the cat, al fresco.

Tom's Web page will be ten years old this year, and Tom himself is fifteen.

He's still quite chirpy. Only about 6.5 kilograms, versus almost ten in his prime, as depicted in the famous kitten review. But that's just as well, since Tom's had arthritis and diabetes for a while now.

Neither complaint actually seems to have bothered him much. He's always considered movement to be highly overrated.

Tom munching lemongrass

Tom has a great enthusiasm for the tuft of lemongrass in my mother's back yard. He's never really figured out how to eat it without help, and all he ever does after eating it is throw up - sometimes practically immediately. But he seems to enjoy the whole experience enormously.

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  1. Changes Says:

    He's adorable. :)

    My own cat is about to turn ten. She too is basically a spheroid, and seeing Tom still alive and kicking takes away some of the worry that she'll die early because she's overfed. Not by me, of course... grandmother + mother both feeding cat = bad.

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