Perhaps the face paint will get people to listen

More videos that you've probably already seen, but which are new to clueless me (via):

The punch was what really sold it for me.

Mr Flare also had a large role in Babylon 5.

An excellent guide to the practical skeptical outlook.

Including something Amazing in the sky.

A great summing-up of this recent story, albeit with some disturbing attention paid to YouTube comments.

He really needs to stop reading those comments. Set the comment threshold to "excellent (+10 or better)" and all of that troublesome text will just... go away.

More at Captain Disillusion's YouTube channel.

6 Responses to “Perhaps the face paint will get people to listen”

  1. Stark Says:

    I at least had not seen these. Brilliant. Thanks for pointing them out.

  2. lummox Says:

    Thanks from me as well. That's some great stuff.

  3. OverlordXenu Says:

    He's also on

    No stupid comments.

  4. OgreMustCrush Says:

    It's good to see some videos promoting skepticism rather than the usual daftness.

  5. Chazzozz Says:

    Oh dear, and I genuinely thought I'd get some work done today...

  6. m56 Says:

    I think you guys might appreciate this Mr. Show skit on the history of science. And on a very related note, this 8-Bit Theater comic.

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