Next stop: World of Warcraft for Sinclair wrist calculators

Pretty much every time a new update appears in the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories RSS feed, I am reminded of my own hateful indolence and miserable lack of talent.

Windell and Lenore have really outdone themselves this time, though.

(I think the next kit I get around to building will actually be a ThingamaKIT. If, that is, you don't count the trapezoidal loudspeakers and giant box of medieval wood from Ron Toms that've been awaiting my attention for lo, these many months.)

2 Responses to “Next stop: World of Warcraft for Sinclair wrist calculators”

  1. arteitle Says:

    It'd be even more impressive if they'd followed the original schematics and rebuilt it out of discrete transistors, resistors, capacitors, and relays, rather than cheating and using a microcontroller with a DAC.

  2. arteitle Says:

    (P.S. Atmel AVR roolz! Microchip PIC droolz! And don't even get me started on the 8051...)

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