Thank you for coming in and being so time-consuming, Blathers.

Now that I know that Stephen Fry owns a pink Nintendo DS, I cannot help but visualise him playing Animal Crossing: Wild World and writing exceedingly genteel letters of apology to teddy bears.

While wearing reading glasses.

(Actually, I think it'd be funnier if he were running around pwning n00bs in Halo 3.
m3g4d3aTh: "Fag!"
JeevesMelchett: "I really don't think that's relevant.")

2 Responses to “Thank you for coming in and being so time-consuming, Blathers.”

  1. corinoco Says:

    Weird, but when I read that article I had Jeremy Clarkson in my head.

    A shame Stephen didn't post his AC:WW contect details, that would be so COOL have Stephen Fry come visit!

    Ooops. Now the world knows I am an AC:WW addict. There's worse vices out there, and I can stop any time I want...

  2. Wyntar Says:

    Now there is a Blogger who I suspect has very little trouble acquiring gadgets to review :-). Thanks for the link BTW it was a gem I had missed.

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