See also: "Nuclear-Powered Xenomorphic Paraphilic Combat Weasels"

How can you not love a game that's called "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars"?

OK, they're not actually all that "supersonic", as far as I can see. The game actually looks as if it's got something of an "R/C cars" feel to it, but there is of course nothing wrong with that. And c'mon, they're playing soccer!

(Here's a page where you can download the high-definition version of the above trailer.)

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  1. Mohonri Says:

    This sounds a lot like Carball, a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Of course, the UT2004 version can't compare on the level of particle-effect maelstrom, but this falls into the "It's been done" category.

    I've actually had opportunity to do a sort of real-life version of this: tiny R/C cars on a pool table. Rules:
    --Two people per team (the cars I was able to procure happened to come in two different color schemes)
    --If your car goes into a pocket or flips over, it is permissible to use your had to right it.
    --Either of the end pockets on your opponents' side is fair game
    --No time outs for battery charging!

    And that's about it. The combination of the crudeness of the controls, the very grippy surface, the lack of driver skill, and the occasional power plays (when one player is out charging their car) made for a chaotic and very loud game.

    The cars are hard to find in the states nowadays--I picked up a case of 12 from This eBay seller, and got cars in the 27, 35, 40, and 57MHz frequencies. Sure, three out of the four are illegal according to the FCC, but we didn't appear to attract any black helicopters.

  2. ex-parrot Says:

    Is this from "the people who brought you Off-Road Velociraptor Safari"?

  3. Rave Says:

    Looks like another harder to play and less fun version of Speedball 2. There have been many others.

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Frankly, what I like most about this post is that I got the metre of the title to sound as good as that of the game title. DUM-da DUM-da DUM-da...

    TEEN-age MU-tant NIN-ja TUR-tles scans nicely too. As, of course, does SE-cret MU-tant HE-ro TEAM.

    (I strongly recommend the first PBF book, by the way. It's even more beautiful than the Web versions of the strips. The Schlorbians have never looked hairier.)

  5. arvidsem Says:

    After seeing Top Gear play soccer with real cars, albeit small cheap real cars, I just can't get excited about a video game version.

    [I did link to that myself, you know. I'm not a philistine. -Dan]

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