K-9 will tell him if you say anything important

Tom can't hear you.

Why did this not already exist?

(I'm not counting this, which is obviously inferior. This, however, is brilliant. I found the source image on the BBC's K-9 wallpaper gallery. Please leave a comment if you make a prettier version.)

I think the original Captain Kirk version - which can be motivational or demotivational depending on which way you look at it - is one of the finest ever made. But, c'mon, if it came to a fight Jim would find it pretty hard to captain that starship of his, what with his grandfather never having met his grandma.

(In case you don't spend a lot of time on teh internets, and this is all Greek to you: The Despair Incorporated Demotivators became a lolcats-like DIY phenomenon a while ago, and now there are about a billion of them, often riffing on previous efforts. See this one, for instance.)

I made the poster with the despair.com Motivator, which looks suspiciously similar to the Big Huge Labs Motivator. I presume one of them licensed, or ripped off, the other.

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3 Responses to “K-9 will tell him if you say anything important”

  1. Jax184 Says:

    I actually have one of the real Despair Demotivational posters, and have had it for longer than the meme has been circulating. Does that make me cooler than everyone else, or just old? It's the Consulting one, if that helps.

  2. frasera Says:

    nice motivational poster:)

    love demotivational posters.
    i just hate some of the sites that shrink the images they host for some reason.

  3. Gatac Says:

    I keep seeing that line ("I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am") pop up on motivators all over the net and it kinda bothers me that nobody remembers where it actually came from - or if they do, I've never seen anyone say so. It's from this.

    (And no, that's not me. I do know some of the guys who wrote for the site, though.)

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