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Herewith, another duplicate of an update I just put on the Dan's Data front page:

The Photon Light people are doing the free/flat-rate shipping thing again. All orders ship free in the USA, or for a flat rate of only $US4 for international deliveries. No matter how much stuff you buy.

(And you still get volume discounts, which start at quite small "volumes".)

Their "Knives and Tools" department also now has a selection of Leatherman tools, including the nifty new Skeletool and Skeletool CX and the classic Leatherman Wave. If you want something key-ring sized, they've also got the not-at-all-new but still-very-good Leatherman Micra, and three models of the more recent "Squirt" - the P4, S4 and E4.

The full-sized tools are all as cheap as I've seen them anywhere; the Micras and Squirts cost a buck or three more than the usual online-store price. But the free-or-cheap shipping deal more than makes up for that.

There's also a closeout deal on the versatile "Fusion" light I reviewed years ago. It's not cutting-edge technology any more, but it's also not almost sixty bucks any more. While they last, Fusions - including the funky red- or blue-beam versions - are now only $US31.95.

And, as usual, if you follow my affiliate links and then buy something, I'll get a cut!

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  1. gm Says:

    It's a bit depressing to know, however, that it costs near double what it did 3 months ago thanks to the freefall AUD...

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