Big dozer, little dozer

Now that Lego has two kinds of track piece, it's easier to make similar tracked vehicles in very different scales.

Via TechnicBricks, a frequent link-target for me recently, behold the last unknown Technic Lego set for 2009:

2009 Technic sets

It's the one in the top-left corner, being dwarfed by the 8256 Super Kart and 8262 Quad-Bike. It's called the 8259 Mini Dozer, and it's...

Lego 8259 Mini Dozer

...completely anerable.

Compare and contrast with its (much) bigger brother...

8275 Motorized Bulldozer

...the 8275 Motorized Bulldozer. The Mini Dozer is, basically, a micro-scale version of 8275.

So now you can put 8259 on one end, 8275 on the other, and the classic 856 in the middle, and have flying-ducks bulldozers!

(I wonder how long it'll be before someone finds room for a Micro Motor inside an 8259?)

UPDATE: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "I won't believe this kit even exists unless I can fly around it using Microsoft Photosynth and see every tiny detail."

No problem.

UPDATE 2: It didn't take long for people to start building the set before you can buy one.

4 Responses to “Big dozer, little dozer”

  1. Cods Says:

    So, is it on special somewhere, Dan?

    Your previous missive on the excavator led me to my first Lego purchase in decades, down to the local K-mart for the last kit. For my kids, of course... who are one and three. Never too early to start a Lego collection, right? Right?

    As my parents are staunchly holding tight to the cubic metre of technical Lego acquired by my brothers and I over the course of our childhoods, I'm (I mean, my kids) are starting from scratch.

    Any tips for (not-so-) young players on the best way to start a Lego collection? Mum is on board with the whole idea, as she too was a budding engineer due to exposure to brightly coloured studded bricks.

    The kids (ahem) are not so keen on Bionicle etcetera; for preschoolers they are remarkably old school. Technical Lego, Town, some Space, and derivatives of same seem to spark their interest. However they are open to suggestions. Links to suggestions, even...


  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    The 2009 sets aren't even on sale anywhere yet, much less on special :-).

    EBay is a good place to look for sold-by-weight Lego collections - though those can be bid up pretty high if they don't seem to be full of useless POOP and knockoff "compatible" bricks. You can get better value if you look for assembled sets with no instructions and a few pieces missing, which also turn up regularly on eBay. Then hit BrickLink to fill specific gaps, depending on what it is you want to build.

  3. Erik T Says:

    So the small tread links also live on? Hooray!

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