It's not the size of the track, it's what you do with it

One of my readers was delighted to discover this Google ad on this very site:

Girl impressed by big thick masculine track.

I agree with him that it is completely awesome.

(I've linked the above image to the online store of "Radmeister", the people responsible. That's not a paid link, of course; you can click on it without costing Radmeister any money. If you happen to see the same image to the right of this page, then that'll be a real ad. Do tell me if something even better crops up.)

The ad was, no doubt, attracted by my recent series of posts about Lego tracks.

You wouldn't think the nice lady in the bikini would find Lego tracks very impressive. But quantity has a quality all its own, and after the last post I was as good as my word and did indeed buy yards of new-style tracks on BrickLink. The only reason why you haven't yet seen a picture of them lying there like Worf's spare baldric collection is that the BrickLink dealer accidentally sent me a mere 400 links instead of the 480 I paid for.

When the rest of them show up - giving a total length of 5.76 metres, versus the lousy 4.8 I've got now - I shall make them into a fly-curtain or something while I design a vehicle worthy of them.

11 Responses to “It's not the size of the track, it's what you do with it”

  1. henry Says:

    Oooh I can't wait to see what you build with all those tracks Dan.

    I just built the alternate model for the 8275 bulldozer this morning so I'm all hyped up for tracky goodness. :P

    It scared the bejesus out of my cockatiel the first time I drove it through the living room. hehehe

  2. dr_w00t Says:

    The man with the tape measure sure has an impressive bust!

  3. Jax184 Says:

    There appears to be a whole series of those ads, making one wonder who would hire such unprofessional workers.

  4. phrantic Says:

    Sweet Jesus.. that's a CROCHETED bikini!!

  5. Daniel Rutter Says:

    (Actually, I'm pretty sure it's sequins.)

    See also, in an only-very-slightly-relevant way, "A Nation Of Size Queens" at the previously-mentioned Not Always Right.

  6. stevetecza Says:

    I've been enjoying that add on your site for a good month now

  7. chronoso Says:

    surely there is an OSHA violation in there somewhere. i'll...have to do a full investigation.

  8. Erik T Says:

    It seems to be almost the only ad I ever see here.

    And jesus, 6m of track... what wheels do you have to go with it, and how many? There ought to be a non-binding idea contest.

  9. skaar Says:

    nasa shuttle delivery vehicle, i'm sure that, in scale to the tracks, 6m will be just about enough.

  10. Red October Says:

    I've been using an obscure (It will only be a small surprise if Dan's heard of it) browser called Maxthon that puts a stop to abot 80% of web ads. I never see any ads on Dan's Data or HTSAP. Except when I'm at work, where they still use IE6. Then I see them on Dan's Data, but not the blog, as it is blocked by the overzealous filter as a "message board and forum". So I've not seen that ad before now. When I first started avoiding ads, I never thought of what I might be missing...

  11. Matt Says:

    > The man with the tape measure sure has an impressive bust!

    Thanks for pointing that out. Until then I hadn't looked at his/her face.

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