If you download only one 188Mb MOV file today...

...make it World War, by Vincent Chai (via).

The high-res MOV version is right there on Chai's site, which could get just a leeetle bit overloaded in the near future. One thousand bonus points for the guy, though, for making that high-res version available.

Usually, you find some awesome short film on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever, and then you go to the creator's site, and there's nothing there but the same squished-down Flash-video version. You can format-equals-18 it on YouTube so you can download a better-than-nothing MP4 version, but that's it.

Vincent, though, has the whole HD enchilada right there for download, like the Code Guardian guys who inspired my last post like this. And like the Exploratorium guys with The Secret Life of Machines, for that matter.

Here's a direct link to the MOV file, which if you're reading this some time after I wrote it will either be nice and fast, or broken:

I hope he puts it on archive.org or makes a torrent or something. I e-mailed him about it, but have not yet received a reply, possibly because he's got better things to do than hover by the computer waiting for e-mails from me, or possibly just because it's the middle of the night where he is.

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3 Responses to “If you download only one 188Mb MOV file today...”

  1. jnz Says:

    fmt=22: it's what all the cool kids use.

  2. vitamin Says:

    It's strange that webmonkey.com and other media sources are reporting the Youtube HD feature as being 720p resolution, which would mean 1280x720. Not true. From a screen grab I took, I measured approximately 853x480, which sounds more like 480p. Where I come from that's known as Standard-Definition (albeit widescreen,) not High-Definition.

    To be fair, Google's youtube blog never specifies a resolution, they just say "HD." But even that characterization is misleading, in my opinion.

  3. Red October Says:

    At work we sell a little handheld camcorder that is hyped on the box as "HD*". Following that splat leads one to a little text that reads "HIGHer DEFINITION". Admitedly it is pretty decent for a thing you could hide in a pack of American cigarettes but a DVCAM it's not, especially when you compare it to the last one we carried, that acquired the nickname "The Boomerang"... Guess why!

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