Die Legoroboter


Most videos of Lego Great Ball Contraption modules are a bit hard to follow, but this one concentrates on only three modules, so you can get an idea of what's going on.

(The string-quartet Kraftwerk is nice, too.)

The Great Ball Contraption is basically just rules for ball-moving modules that make sure they can connect to each other - like a Technic version of the Lego Moonbase standard.

(Incidentally, you can fmt=18 this clip to get the higher-quality MP4 version, but fmt=22-ing it only seems to give you the basic FLV version at the moment. It doesn't fall back to 18. I knew there was some reason why I didn't do what the cool kids do.)

2 Responses to “Die Legoroboter”

  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    I think that thing is pretty awesome. It's nice that it's a closed loop.

  2. Amstrad Says:

    Seems like they really needed to create a forth module to close the loop rather than the simple ramp.

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