ABS plus celluloid

Yep, that's a Lego movie projector all right. The frame-rate's a bit short of 24fps and the film moves a bit while the light's on - but c'mon! Lego movie projector!

Via TechnicBricks, again. That post also mentions the first TechVideo from this year...

...a vending machine made by the same guy, Ricardo Oliveira.

4 Responses to “ABS plus celluloid”

  1. Jax184 Says:

    What? No comments yet?
    C'mon people, a lego vending machine! And a movie projector! What, does he have to build a lego popcorn machine as well before you'll be impressed?
    It's projects like these that make me glad I kept my lego.

  2. dazzawul Says:

    I think for the most part people are still comatose after seeing it, the vending machine though, christ... Who has that sort of spare time?!

  3. mak_elblotto Says:

    That really is very incredible.

    I'm just getting back into Lego now (after losing my entire collection sadly), and it's things like this that inspire me into action.

  4. Matt-S Says:

    the vending machine is incredibly impressive, tho it looks like it wouldn't be able to handle being fed multiple coins in quick succession. .. but then it _is_ lego

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