April Fools roundup

Since I've once again failed to come up with an idea for an April Fools article - I really have, this isn't me trying to sneakily slip one past you - I shall list neat ones I notice today in this post.

Trossen Robotics had the first joke I noticed today, with their revolutionary Keepon USB.

The only one that's really grabbed me so far, though, is Hexus.net alerting us all to a new "dead-pixel pandemic", nicely done with a ton of class="deadPixel" DIVs instead of the lame background image I would have used if I'd thought of it.

Other neat jokes I notice will be added to the post here:

1: Pre-eminent zombie-apocalypse browser-game Urban Dead has a corker; I think you see it the first time you re-visit Urban Dead after the start of the 1st.

Basically, everything is back to normal and it was all just a horrible dream.

2: Famous hive of scum and villainy eztv.it is currently redirecting to ezsports.tv - "Your source for the best sports!"

3: Gmail AutopilotTM.

4: Retro Thing Ceases Publication of Color Edition.

5: Winner of the "most highbrow" award - "Time variation of a fundamental dimensionless constant".

6: A series of joke woodworking items from Lee Valley, some more obviously preposterous than others:

Variable Gang Saw
Full-Round Spokeshave
Honing Guide Mk.XXXXII
Pouchless Tool Belt
Low-Angle Jack Plane

They have a distinct Chindogu aspect to them, and are very well done.

(Feel free to point out any good ones you've found in the comments!)

Slashdot always do an online-jokes roundup article in addition to their annual front-page-of-nonsense-and-unicorns, but it of course isn't quite time for that yet, since it's still March 31st in the States - actually, as I write this, it's just barely April 1st on the East Coast of the USA. It's already the afternoon of April the 1st here in Australia, though.

There are a few April-Fools-type articles (not all of which were actually published on the appropriate day) on dansdata.com. My favourites are the kitten review and my campaign to Save The Unsecured Access Points.

Dig back, though, and there's the one that gave this blog its name, "Black Computers Faster - It's Official", "U.S. Marine Corps announces new 'Geek Corps'", the New Intel "Sextium" processor, and that picture of me wearing the Errorwear Guru Meditation shirt back in October 2001:

Guru Meditation T-shirt

(You could probably make a shirt that actually did that, now.)

And then there's the EMPower Modulator, Wine Clip, Batterylife Activator, Guardian Angel battery and so on which, like the Firepower pills, ought to be jokes, but aren't.

16 Responses to “April Fools roundup”

  1. OrgAdam Says:


    Unfortunately, this one might be published widely enough that my parents get wind of it... dear God, I don't need to have to sit them down and have 'the talk.'

  2. dinuc Says:

    Actually this is a better link for the above story ...


  3. Jono4174 Says:

    Happy atheist day!

  4. Popup Says:

    A friend of mine claimed that this PET-bottle to vinyl-record contraption is for real! But there are too many things that are wrong, not to mention the launch date.

  5. Popup Says:

    Come to Switzerland and help clean the Alps! Video!

  6. Mohonri Says:

    Wait, the "save the open access points" article was a joke? Perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the sentiments sure seemed reasonable enough.

  7. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Yeah, that was about it. I figured it made a pretty good April article, though, so I held back republishing it on Dan's Data for another week on top of the usual delay :-). And, on top of the usual mild lengthening my articles get on reprint, I made the sign specially for the Web version!

  8. demiller9 Says:

    This gag is one of my favorites (sorry that it's only in French): USB Wine key. It's not specifically an April Fools joke, but it's in the spirit of one.

  9. Itsacon Says:

    Tom's Hardware had a few `standard' ones:
    Tom's to Transition to All Apple News

    Apple and McDonald's Team Up, Unveil iMc

    This one probably isn't a joke, but I thought it pretty funny nonetheless.

    And finally, their "biggest CPU shootout, ever", certainly has a nice spin to it...

  10. Daniel Rutter Says:

    And there's always ThinkGeek every year, too. This time Squeez BaconĀ®, Unicorn Chaser, Tauntaun Sleeping Bag (which they say they actually are going to try to make!), Interactive Portal Shirts, QR Code Shirts which actually seem to exist, Buzzword - The Shocking Speech-Recognition Wristband, a mould for making ice daggers, and the revolutionary USB Pet Rock

  11. TwoHedWlf Says:

    I'm not sure what that Hexus one is supposed to do...I can't tell if all the stuck pixels are because of the site or because of my crappy work monitor.:)

  12. fizz Says:

    Is it normal to find some of thinkgeek fake products quite cool? For example, I would find quite funny the ice dagger (for parties, not for assassination :p), and quite useful in a twisted way the Donation Alarm Clock...

  13. ZorglubZ Says:

    What about Opera's face gestures?

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