Boing goes the e-mail, boing boing boing...

My mail server,, is on the fritz. Well, the server's actually working, but I don't have an account there any more, for some reason. So mail to has been bouncing, for a couple of days now.

The usually-excellent support people at SecureWebs haven't been quite on the ball about this. If you've got something important to say to me, send it to

UPDATE: The mail, she works once more. (I'm perversely glad that lots of other people were suffering as well.)

I've got greylisting now, too. I'll turn it off if it becomes unacceptably annoying, or if I decide I need more spam to write about.

4 Responses to “Boing goes the e-mail, boing boing boing...”

  1. Noodles Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, WebCentral's e-mail has been dead for the last day and a half as well...

  2. phrantic Says:

    Not to mention my mobile email provider, who doesn't seem to let me use POP, only IMAP, so I have to delete messages from my phone, then log into the webmail service every now and then to delete messages from the "inbox"... then delete those same messages from the "trash" folder and then again from the "deleted items" folder.

    All for lack of POP3!

  3. kamikrae-z Says:

    9/11, swine flu and now THIS? Nostradamus was correct! Google (aka NWO) is using diamagnetic waves to resonate the interplanetary phasons trapped in email messages in order to force everyone to use Gmail!

  4. j Says:

    Our mail server has been acting up too (though in an entirely unrelated manner)... as a result, our invoices for this month have all had "***SPAM(3)***" prepended to their subject lines.


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