More stuff blowing up real good

A guy who glories in the name "Spaz" has been producing neat Supreme Commander videos for some time now. He did one for each faction in the game - prominently featuring the nifty extra units of the BlackOps Unleashed Unit Pack mod - and then promised a great big battle at the end, to be released in January this year.

That didn't happen, so I assumed he'd given up on the project. But whaddayaknow, here's the last one!

If you've liked my previous SupCom Eye Candy posts, you'll know to not even sully your brain with the YouTube versions, but go directly to the full AVI downloads. Here's one for the last instalment, and this forum post has umpteen links.

The HD downloads total 294Mb for the first four videos, and 356Mb for the last one all by itself.

4 Responses to “More stuff blowing up real good”

  1. Changes Says:

    I think the only appropriate comment is "epic".

    By the way, Dan, do you happen to know any place where one could find the music from the first Flail Supreme? The video says it's "Requiem Rave" by Immediate Music, but I can't find the darn song anywhere.

  2. Changes Says:

    Also, for some reason your Twitter post about this blog post gets flagged as unsolicited spam and requires confirmation to get here. Just thought I'd mention it.

  3. Bern Says:

    Thanks for that link, Dan - downloading now, as I've enjoyed the previous SupCom vids you've posted.

    I'd love to get into some decent online games, but I'm hopeless at SupCom - I think I perfected the expanding turtle strategy so well in Total Annihilation that I have difficulty implementing the fast-paced buildup required for SupCom - hell, I haven't even finished the SP campaign missions, fer cryin' out loud... :-D

  4. Shadowex3 Says:

    It's just as well Bern, GPG kinda dropped the ball with balancing supcom and later forged alliance pretty far. I've been playing both since pretty early in the SC beta and while I would hesitate to say that SC+FA are hopelessly unbalanced, I wouldn't have any problem suggesting that they're unbalanced enough that without mastering all the adv techniques that description may as well apply.

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