Your weekend Firepower update

Gerard Ryle recaps the Firepower story in light of Tim Johnston's sudden loquaciousness in court.

Oh, and it turns out that Tim's Vladimir Putin Number is, at most, two.

(If Mr Putin himself turns out to have invested even one thin rouble in Firepower, I don't think it's likely that any other creditors, no matter how destitute, will object to Vlad getting paid back before them.)

3 Responses to “Your weekend Firepower update”

  1. corinoco Says:

    Surely, surely, heads in our so-called "government" must roll. Hopefully ministers. It's not as if all these dealings were 'hidden' - I think this very media source has been following it all for years.

    It astonishes me how wealthy celebrities are so gullible, not to mention government ministers & advisors. What planet do they live on? Due dilligence? Anyone heard of it?

    There is a deep malaise within Australia's governments at all levels - creeping insidious parliamentary-privilege corruption. It is rife in the industry I work in - architecture & building. DA didn't get approved? Just take the planning minister out to lunch! Ka-pow! Instant ministerial approval! How is this NOT corruption?

    Senior advisor leaves Austrade, joins certain company. Shovels money into said company. How is this NOT corruption?

    The media love to pound on China about corrupt government - but at least over there it's visible! China are amateurs compared to experts like a country entirely peopled with criminals.

  2. unfunk Says:

    I suspect that if Mr. Putin had indeed invested any money at all into Firepower, our Mr. Johnston would be nowhere to be found.

    ...either that, or dying of radiation poisoning somewhere. Possibly both.

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