Letting someone else do the ranting for me

Because somebody in the comments of that last post mentioned the concept of bringing democracy to the Middle East, here's...

Robert Newman's History of Oil, which explains the correct response to any such allegation.

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  1. Popup Says:

    Is there a simple way of downloading the clip for off-line perusal, so that I can watch it on my commute rather than at work?

    I used to use some Chrome plug-in to download youtube videos, but it's no longer working.

    I find the thing on piratebay, but for various reasons I don't like to use bittorrent. Surely it must be child's play to download from youtube, without downloading a lot of crapware?

    What's the currently preferred method?

    Or can anyone point me to a readily downloadable version?

  2. Mechakisc Says:

    It is awful strange being an American, sometimes. I watch videos like this and all that goes through my mind is "how deep does the rabbit hole go?"

  3. marcus Says:

    That was fantastic, thanks Dan. There have been very few 45 minute Youtube videos that I've found interesting enough to sit the whole way through.

  4. mech Says:

    I couldn't stand more than ten minutes of his smug ranting. He was wrong about the military bases in Iraq... last I checked the Americans DID leave them. I just did a Google then to see if I was wrong about this, but it looks like they actually did leave.

    I'm sure he has some excellent points to make about things that have been missed by the mainstream media, but he seems far keener to push his own agenda than provide a balanced viewpoint. Which I guess is his job as a comedian, but it's not exactly a great source of solid information.

    • dan Says:

      He was wrong about the military bases in Iraq

      You're right. The USA has several bases in Kuwait, and said they wanted to retain bases in Iraq, but were told to go fuck themselves by the Iraqi government, and astonishingly enough, did. The gigantic embassy in Baghdad remains, but with a (relative) skeleton crew.

      (This is of course what some factions in the US government wanted, if only on economic grounds to stop some of the fiscal bleeding. They may have engineered it deliberately, but I'm not just going to assume a conspiracy on those grounds, especially when Hanlon's razor applies.)

      I think it's also fair to note that robotic weapons are making it easier and easier to have the effect of bases in a country like Iraq that won't shoot nukes at you if you fly drones over them, without having to pay in money and lives to keep boots on the ground in the boondocks of countries that're as lushly hospitable as Tatooine. I think this may constitute a revolution in the way the CIA does business; they continue their ancient tradition of throwing away their agents at every possible opportunity, but nowadays many of those agents are not alive.

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