"Bug-zapper engaged."

All the serious MechWarrior Online players use voice chat to coordinate their team. The game has some kind of voice-chat thing built in, but I don't think anybody uses it, because the obvious feature of just making an ad-hoc chat group out of everybody on the team that has a microphone does not exist.

There is a much better reason to use voice chat, though.

It allows you to have a Bitching Betty voice actor actually playing on your team.

(She's in the red Gaussapult. She's also not the one who'll actually be doing the onboard-computer voice, when it returns to the game; they've apparently retained the services of Carole Ruggier again.)

3 Responses to “"Bug-zapper engaged."”

  1. Slurpy Says:

    She is really good. While I like Ruggier, it's a shame BB won't get a chance to shine outside of her matches.

  2. Fallingwater Says:

    I'm confused - is anyone you mention the original voice actor from MechWarrior 2? *Not* MW2 Mercenaries or that horrendous Titanium edition, just the original MW2? I absolutely loved the voice messages from that game and can repeat them in my memory without even trying hard.

    • Fallingwater Says:

      Oh sweet merciful lord I don't believe in, Carole Ruggier is the one who did MW2! Yes!

      I'm going to try disassembling the MWO data files so I can get the Betty wave files out.

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