Gold, stocks, magic beans... what to buy?

Today, the gods of the botnet have favoured me with a bunch of "Randomname check this" e-mails, some of which promote PMHD and some of which are still promoting good old CNPM.

But they don't tell you which one to invest in!

According to the thousands of completely different and independent real human beings who're sending us all the exact same e-mails every day about these piddling pink sheet stocks, both of them are about to receive major acquisition attention.

So you should spend all of your money on both of them!

This is terrible! I'm so confused!

Meanwhile, the multi-sourced "GOLD investments in Africa", "Real invest in real resource", "African GOLD Investment" spams keep rolling in.

I am indebted to a commenter on my last post for this image from the internationally respected Land Resource Association LLC's photos page:

Trustworthy miners

That dude on the left looks very trustworthy, but the one on the right is clearly unconvinced that even white men are dumb enough to send any money.

The Land Resource Et Cetera Web site, by the way, is registered in the well known city of Ghana, Switzerland.

4 Responses to “Gold, stocks, magic beans... what to buy?”

  1. Popup Says:

    > The Land Resource Et Cetera Web site, by the way, is
    > registered in the well known city of Ghana, Switzerland.
    Yes, and they have a Monaco phone number, and a 5-digit post code that's neither Swedish, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Serbian or US. (And I can't find any other countries with 5-digit post codes.)

  2. magetoo Says:

    Ghana, Switzerland? You lost me there. (Misread GH as CH?)

    And both the address and phone number look reasonably genuine. It appears that Ghana doesn't use postal codes, so putting in a bogus one just to get past a registration form is only natural.

    Only I'd have used something obviously false, like 00000. Or if that won't work, 10048 or something like that. (I looked through the first 50 or so Google hits without finding any decent Zip code reverse lookup pages, so I'll just tell you that 10048 is the WTC.)

  3. Popup Says:

    I know you won't believe this, but it has changed since this morning....
    It used to say that it belonged to am "Annane Salumah, Internet Connections", on Navarra Str, with phone number +377.4431232 , postcode 13923, country Switzerland.
    That phone number will take you to Monaco (But I can't find reverse-lookup for there.) The postcode is not valid in any of the countries I know of with 5-digit postcodes. And Ghana isn't in Switzerland.

    The fact that they've updated the information today might mean something....

  4. mysh Says:

    magetoo: Why would you google for a reverse zip code lookup page for zip codes in the US, when you can simply go to the source?

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