Ghost cat!

Our youngest cat, Millie, in near-infrared.

Ghost cat

This shot was taken at night (f1.8, ISO 800, four seconds), by the light of two 500 watt halogen floodlights that I couldn't quite angle down enough to light Millie up really well. They still threw enough heat on her that she was squirming cheerfully around on the chair, though, which made it hard to get a shot of her that didn't look like a many-legged blob.

Millie the draught excluder

Here she is in visible light. She serves as a useful metaphor for the wave-particle duality of light, actually, since she is simultaneously spotty and stripy.

Millie and Joey, a still life

She gets on well with Joey.

2 Responses to “Ghost cat!”

  1. TonyB_Fla Says:

    Mr.Dan, I'm sorry to say 'ghost cat' is probably infected with an alien life form (probably Martian) as is evidenced by the emerging face on the front of the large growth on it's side.
    Thanks to your advanced photographic skills the people of Earth are forewarned.

  2. keno Says:

    Hey, I think someone cloned my cat. Maybe the alien theory is right...

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