Feline Window-Digging: A Case Study

We have three cats, two of which do not care enough about going outside to bother making tiny sad kitten noises about it. The one that does care enough gets to go out for an hour or three a day. The younger two stay in.

Millie (previously), however, does occasionally find the great outdoors interesting.

Specifically, she finds it interesting when there's another cat out there.

Like the ginger cat that lives next door, for instance.

When she sees another cat, she does a thing.

And this is the thing that she does.

She'll keep doing it for about as long as the other cat hangs around. Several minutes non-stop, sometimes. Note that the ginger cat is so used to it that he doesn't even bother looking.

When the other cat goes away, Millie's walnut-sized brain drops out of Scrabble Mode, and she wanders off peacefully to return to her principal occupation, which is sleeping.

6 Responses to “Feline Window-Digging: A Case Study”

  1. creekin Says:

    thanks dan! i havent laughed so hard since i tragically lost my 2 cats 6 months ago. :( keep the pussy porn coming mate!

  2. therealbartron Says:

    keep the pussy porn coming mate!


  3. asgromo Says:

    That's simply gorgeous. And I don't throw the word around.

  4. Iceman Says:

    If only you could find a way to strap that to a generator.. I'm sure the laws of physics that apply only to cats would somehow allow you to make a perpetual motion machine powered by cute..

  5. Anthony Hersey Says:

    One of my cats does the same thing to a mirror mounted on the inside of my bedroom door. Of course, she usually gets spooked once the door starts closing!

  6. EEK Says:

    Who, exactly, all, is "we" in "We have three cats" ?

    Just nosiness, that's all.

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