Wait until you see its big brother

I-Wei Huang of Crabfu has a link from his SteamWorks page to his non-steam-powered remote-controlled contraptions. That link is called "Steamless Crap".

He's now given that section of the site a more dignified name, Crabfu MotionWorks. In which the latest creation is...

...the R/C Tortoise.

(Once again, the cat is unmoved. If something in the Crabfu back yard doesn't blow hot steam and shriek like a banshee, it's not worth worrying about.)

Like its ancestors the Swashbots, the Tortoise is a creature that converts movement of normal R/C servos more or less directly into leg movements. It's operated as an animatronic puppet, with no automation beyond servo mixing on the controller.

But the Tortoise is a quadruped rather than a triped - with legs that look as if they're made from the same low-temperature polycaprolactone thermoplastic as Swashbot 3's disturbingly organic parts - and so it can walk much better.

The Tortoise still turns with a Swashbot-esque wiggle, but when it's going forward or backward it's much more efficient. And it's all based on only three servos - each pair of legs is one arch-shaped piece of plastic. (There are actually four servos in the Tortoise, but one just moves the head.)

The Tortoise's clumsy high-stepping gait makes it look, to me, like a creature that's going to be very very large when it grows up.


4 Responses to “Wait until you see its big brother”

  1. kamikrae-z Says:

    Two thoughts that come to mind after watching that video:

    1) The tortoise reminds me a lot of the Tachikoma's in Ghost in the Shell. I should mention that I've never actually watched GITS (just lurked a lot on 4chon), but I think a remote control Tachikoma complete with quadrupedal and wheeled means of ambulation would be a VERY popular toy.

    2) Mr. Huang must have very well developed thumb muscles (much like anybody addicted to text messaging).

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    R/C Tachikomas actually already exist, though not as a commercial product.

  3. Steven Den Beste Says:

    That cat sure is blase. You get the impression it's used to being assaulted by itty bitty mechanical thingies?

  4. maxshcherban Says:

    The can didn't seem to understand what the heck was that.

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