New arrivals

Nothing helps you get over the death of a pet like getting a new one. So right after we buried Mickey, we found ourselves a new cat in need of a home.

The twins in the little house.

I know this looks like two cats, but they're so closely connected that they probably actually qualify as one. Tentative names: Charley and Susie.

Joey in the little house.

The little soft house technically belongs to Joey, but he doesn't seem to be missing it. He's engaged in some perfunctory dominance behaviours in the direction of the new ginger twins, but I imagine he'll be using them as a heated mattress...

Joey, Mickey and a bean-bag.

...just as he used Mickey, soon enough.

17 Responses to “New arrivals”

  1. burkey Says:

    Aww, they look adorable. :) And mischievous. I think Joey is going to be in for more than he bargained for. ;)

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    They're actually almost ridiculously unassertive. The boy, in particular. They play with each other, but as if they're both made out of eggshells.

    We brought them home both stuffed into one cat-carrier. It was just a solid mass of ginger in there, occasionally oozing around so one of the heads could look in a different direction. But they were perfectly happy like that - not a peep out of 'em during the 15-minute drive.

  3. frasera Says:

    woah, pupils contracted!

    [That photo was actually taken in the middle of the day; the twins were looking out at a sunbeam on the floor before I started clicking a camera at them. It looks a bit like a night-time shot because I used plenty of fill flash. -Dan]

    [Oh - note also that the shot of the twins in the little house was taken with a long lens, while the shot of Joey in the house was taken with a short one. The result is that the twins look like little kittens and Joey looks big. Actually, even the smaller of the twins is bigger, if skinner, than Joey; the gingers are pretty much full-grown. (Look forward to more of this sort of information in my upcoming book, "Technical Photography for Cat Owners".) -Dan]

  4. dazzawul Says:

    awww, theyre friggin adorable

  5. corinoco Says:

    It was just a solid mass of ginger in there, occasionally oozing around so one of the heads could look in a different direction.

    For some reason that made me think 'Pierson's Puppeteer'

    How about 'Nessus' and 'Hindmost' as names?

    They look very cute, AND with little white socks. Kitties with socks are teh cute.

  6. creekin Says:

    HOORAY!! :D new kitties!! i used to have birmans like that, a 2 headed ball of fluff! :D
    watch ya back Joey!! they look like Trouble!!

  7. Romberry Says:

    Hello to the new arrivals. It's a happier day.

  8. Mohonri Says:

    (Didn't comment on the other post--sorry about losing Mickey)

    Good to get a little splash of color, eh?

  9. Changes Says:

    They look like a single two-headed cat :P

    Just got myself a new kitten, too. I didn't intend to, but you can't say no and still feel like a man when someone tells you a ridiculously tiny furball of cuteness was abandoned and needs a home.

  10. Erik T Says:

    For additional geekiness, you could drop the 'i' and have a cat named Suse.

    Why no, I, uh, haven't done this myself.

  11. te.hannan Says:

    Hehe, one of my friends did that - she went for a new kitty, and somehow came back with 2 - I think one pretended to be the shadow of the other one or something and sneaked home with her.

    Lucky kitties =)

  12. FuzzyPlushroom Says:

    Such an adorable two-headed mass of ginger fuzz!

  13. MichaelWright Says:

    Those cats have got you fooled. They are evil, and their plan for world domination starts with you. Before long, you will be trying to catch magpies for them.

    Glad you have new cat(s) so soon. A new cat never replaces a lost cat, but is always the right thing.

  14. rcousine Says:

    Surely such an inseparable duo need similarly apposite names, like Nan and Bert (or Freddie and Flossie) or Bonnie and Clyde, or Scylla and Charybdis, or, well, take your pick.

    Though I suppose I could forgive you as long as you name the tom Susie.

  15. charles1967 Says:

    I am sad for the pasting of Mickey, but I like the tentitive names of the ginger twins, I have a friend named Suzy, also

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