You should see what it does to whiskey

Yet another reader leads me somewhere I'd rather not go:

Science Illustrated magazine is running an ad for the John Ellis water machine which I'm pretty sure is a big pile of steaming crapola. This ad is billed as a medical discovery, and contains testimonials from people who supposedly recovered from incurable diseases in just days. I've attached a scanned copy of the offending ad:

Water gizmo ad

Normal I'd just scoff at such ads, but this was in a science magazine, so I wrote the email below to the magazine. Could you confirm that I'm correct when I say this product is nothing but snake oil and voodoo science?



Hello Science Illustrated Magazine Staff,

Your magazine was recently included as a bonus gift with Popular Science magazine here in Australia. Your magazine was a good read but I cannot take it seriously as a science magazine because you carry a full page advertisement for the John Ellis water machine which is obviously nothing but snake oil.

You insult your readers by running such ads. Worse, by taking money to run such ads, you are complicit in offering false hope to terminally ill people with discredited voodoo science.

Any magazine should be ashamed to run such an advertisement, especially a science magazine. Your legitimate advertisers should be appalled to be seen in the company of John Ellis.

Melbourne Australia


There's a long tradition of ads for questionable devices in the backs of magazines like Popular Science. "Build Your Own Flying Saucer", et cetera. I agree, however, that outright full-page quackery is not at all the same thing as the usual "Make Big Bucks By Raising Minks" sort of ad.

And yes, this is, so far as I and the entirety of the world's evidence-based scientists and medical practitioners can tell, bollocks.

There's a surprisingly large number of other "clustered" or "energised" or "oxygenated" water products out there. I've written about them myself from time to time (see also, The Wine Clip), as have others. See, for instance Penta Water, a classic clustered-water product sold by classic clustered-water salesmen.

The John Ellis "Electron Water Machine" is a bit unusual, because it is a machine, essentially a still, with which you can convert the lethal product of your kitchen cold tap into a transcendental substance alleged to have the usual long list of peculiar qualities.

The Electron Water Machine is, for instance, alleged to create "a water freed of diseased memory plus extra electrons and oxygen, lowered surface tension and enhanced hydration". The "extra electrons" are classic water quackery; a Nobel Prize in physics - or accidental destruction of the planet, whichever comes first - could be yours if you actually managed to make "extra electrons" just sit there in bulk water. And the "lowered surface tension" part is the sort of thing that a young child could measure, were it true.

The thing that really makes people selling the Ellis machines different from every other water nut is that "diseased memory" thing. Apparently the fact that any given water molecule on this planet is rather likely to have passed through a lot of human and animal kidneys before it makes it to your glass is very, very bad, and this terrible ju-ju must be exorcised to make the water not actively injurious to health. (Take that, you eight-glasses-a-day fools!)

Like almost all other water woo-woo, though, the output of an Ellis machine is likely to be harmless, which is more than can be said for a lot of quackery. People selling magic water, and people selling devices that shine coloured light on you to treat every disease under the sun-through-a-stained-glass-window, and people who're just practising homeopathy for that matter, usually get to do their thing without interference from the government. That's because the regulatory bodies are usually understaffed and overworked, and are flat out just trying to deal with the really monstrous quacks.

I would also venture the opinion that if a given person can't figure out that there's something fishy about John Ellis from the 5000 words of large-text ranting that currently comprises the front page, then that person is likely to hand their money over to some other quack soon enough.

And the Ellis distilling machine probably does make perfectly good distilled water, though I wouldn't be surprised to see a less-floridly-advertised still that does the same thing for half, or less, of the $US1500 price of the base-model Ellis device.

If you're interested in the burgeoning field of water woo-woo, allow me to recommend Stephen Lower's "Water-related pseudoscience, fantasy and quackery". He breaks the various varieties of H2O scammery down into categories - there's "ionized" and alkaline water, for instance, a category which includes Australia's own "Unique Water". (That stuff was going to revolutionise medicine some years ago, but never quite managed it, for some reason.)

The John Ellis Electron Water Machine gets its own page on Lower's site, here. Lower addresses the bizarre advertising claims that Ellis made until recently - like, for instance, that "Fifty years ago the hydrogen bond angle in water was 108° and you rarely heard of anyone with cancer. Today, it's only 104° and, as a result, cancer is an epidemic!!"

Had the angle of any hydrogen bonds actually changed, the fundamental chemical and/or physical properties of water would have changed with them and there's a good chance life on earth would have died out, Vonnegut style. And note that the Science Illustrated ad talks about breaking hydrogen bonds in water, not changing their angle.

In a trivial sense, of course the Ellis device breaks hydrogen bonds; the plethora of hydrogen bonds in water is what gives the tiny water molecule such a high boiling point compared to other small molecules like, for instance, carbon dioxide (boiling point -78.5° Celsius) or methane (b.p. -161.6°C). So to boil water, you have to break the hydrogen bonds, and all normal distillation gear does boil whatever it's distilling, so duh, his thing does too. But so would a kettle, or an appropriately-modified cat-food tin. Presenting the breaking of hydrogen bonds as being something special and unique is like saying "Only the '09 Datsubishi Grapefruit reduces exhaust nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and oxygen, and oxidises carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, at the same time!"

(Oh, and just for the sake of completeness: Overall cancer rates have indeed, generally speaking, increased over the last century - but, one: Cancer incidence neatly tracks increases in life expectancy, on account of most cancer being a disease of the elderly; would you rather live to 87 and then die of cancer, or die at 12 of smallpox? And, two: Cancer treatment today is far better than it was in the 1950s. We don't have a cure for all cancers, but we certainly do have cures for a lot of them.)

As Stephen Lower's article points out, Ellis has now changed his selling strategy, no longer mentioning impossible quantum physics and switching to impossible biology instead. Ellis now alleges that ordinary stills let through all sorts of dreadful substances - drug residue, germs, those mysterious things he calls "disease markers" - which his special machines block.

These claims are not hard to test. It is easy to prove that various off-the-shelf benchtop water distillers do in fact give you distilled water with tiny-to-zero content of undesirable substances. Well, except for "disease markers", which I suspect do not mean the same thing to Ellis as they mean to everyone else.

Ellis's old nutty quantum-physics claims survive here and there on his site, too. Just look at the order form (PDF). It informs you that different models of "LWM Electron" machine can be had for between $US1500 and $US2800 (all apparently big discounts on the retail price!), but it also babbles on about "clusters of water molecules" that "pick up more electrons". And on he goes with the bizarre statements about air oxygen levels "as low as 10% near the traffic in major cities!", which is what us professionals refer to as "not true".

(Ellis is, however, amazingly enough actually right when he says that atmospheric oxygen levels, as measured from air trapped in prehistoric amber, were much higher in the distant past. That was well before even the first mammals evolved, though; the air's current 21% oxygen content has been nicely steady for a very great deal longer than humans have existed. This is a detail that Ellis, like the numerous carpetbaggers who base their business on oxygen rather than H2O, does not feel the need to mention.)

And then there's a document on Ellis' site called "A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words..." (PDF). The "picture" in this case is a rather hideous scan, talking about how the Ellis "Electron Machines" are the only ones that remove "disease markers", modify the bond angle of water, et cetera et cetera as per his previous front-page selling points.

The exact wording (minus the painful ALL-CAPS) of what seem to be the critical part of this rather confusing document is:

"NOTE: By breaking down the hydrogen bonds in water, the CEA marker went down the water went into the blood stream (94% water)!! No other water can do this and it can be seen under a microscope that the red blood cells are nice and round with plenty of movement caused by electron energy!"

This seems to be saying that red blood cells, among other things, are chronically dehydrated, or something, in people who drink ordinary water. One or another version of this is a frequent claim among water weirdos, and so far as I can see, it's yet another quivering hairy sack of bollocks.

The human body, like the bodies of every other form of cellular life, is indeed quite critically dependent upon the water content of its various fluids. Generally speaking, it's important for many bodily fluids to have neither too little nor - and here's the important part - too much water in them.

The process by which your body keeps the fluids at the right level of dilution is a subcategory of homeostasis, called osmoregulation.

There is not the slightest reason to believe that you need to drink some special kind of water to make osmoregulation work properly. On the contrary, in fact: If someone did manage to make a form of water that "goes through a membrane" more effectively than the ordinary kind, plumping up all of your red blood cells until they were indeed "nice and round", then you would be suffering from hypotonicity, gravely ill and probably well on the way to death from hyperhydration.

Fortunately, the special water from these Electron Machines is in fact just ordinary distilled water, so I'm pretty sure that drinking it will not plump up your blood cells and kill you dead.

But the plump-blood-cells stuff sounds pretty good to the average punter on the street, who is unlikely to know anything in particular about osmoregulation or atomic bond angles or the difference between polar and non-polar molecules. So it's easy for water quacks like Ellis to come up with a line of quantum flapdoodle that sounds good enough to sell even very expensive allegedly-therapeutic thingummies.

The same strategy doesn't work nearly as well when you're talking about things that ordinary people actually understand, like for instance the basic characteristics of cars. Fuel-additive scammers must carefully restrict their claims to areas where an unscientific investigation can leave the customer thinking there's been an improvement, like fuel economy. You're guaranteed a healthy flow of testimonials if you sell mothballs as a guaranteed fuel-economy booster, because customers can't test them properly. Someone who's inclined to buy your mothballs in the first place may also, for instance, be inclined to drive more gently after popping the pills into the petrol tank, on account of how he wants to make sure that he doesn't accidentally drive much faster and thus unfairly erase the pills' effects. And then hey presto, there's your testimonial.

If the sellers of potions and gadgets for cars used the same promotional techniques as the sellers of water woo-woo, they'd say stuff like "The ThunderPower WonderPill improves power in V6 and V8 engines by increasing the angle between the cylinder banks!", or "MegaCam enlarges and multiplies your camshafts!"

And then there's the medical scammers who toss their scientific word-salad really thoroughly and thus babble on about tightly-wound quantum-entanglement dimension-brane conjugance. The automotive equivalent of that sort of sales spiel would be something like "The Alchemagic Performance MaGNeT makes your car go faster, because it puts an extra carburettor in the semi-boloid luggage manifold!"

(Actually, I'm sure there are some car gadgets that do make claims like this. The "Magic Power System Power Shift Bar", which plugs into the cigarette-lighter socket, is supposed to not just "tune-up" your car, but also clean it. And I'm honestly not exactly sure what the "Car Drive Power Igniting Ignite Engine Air Power Plus" is supposed to do, but it says something about the "piston pressure", which suggests a compression-ratio change, which cannot be done without changing the shape of major engine components. There are probably a few more of these sorts of products in the California Environmental Engineering filing cabinet. But the successful magic car gadgets do not make claims that're so obviously idiotic.)

This sort of self-evident nonsense - self-evident, that is, to anybody who knows what at least some of the "quantum" words actually mean - does, however, remain adequate to get at least some people to buy really expensive magic health gadgets, like the Ellis Electron Machines.

And sure, most of these things are, in themselves, harmless. But every penny someone spends on one of them is a penny they could have spent on something that would actually make them more healthy - or at least more happy. And it all stops being funny rather suddenly when you start making straight-faced claims (oh, I'm sorry, when your happy customers start making straight-faced claims...) that your nutty gadget can, in as many words, cure cancer.

So don't worry about orthodox therapy, which that evil oncologist told you gives a 90% chance of complete remission for the rest of your life, as long as you act quickly. Don't you know that guy's one of the "Cut! Burn! Poison!" crowd? Just get yourself a magic still, and drink your way to perfect health!

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  1. trouserlord Says:

    At the very least, after viewing, it becomes obvious that the one thing this woo woo water cannot cure is severe mental damage. Perhaps Mr Ellis himself responded to similar ads in the 1960s, like "MAKE YOUR OWN LSD AND SAVE $$$!!" or "LEARN TO SELF-ADMINISTER CRANIAL ACCUPUNCTURE!". I wonder what he thinks of the Time Cube....

  2. Jimbob3 Says:

    “ plus extra electrons and oxygen”.

    Extra oxgyen on water? Wow, it creates pure hydrogen peroxide? Sign me up, and who cares if your concentrated H2O2 drops back to plain water - you can run it through again.

  3. opus7600 Says:

    Speaking of quacks, I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you:

  4. TwoHedWlf Says:

    Ehh, The extra oxygen is one claim I can accept. Though, you could do the same by putting the water in a bottle and shaking it to airate it. Or just using a kitchen tap with an airator. Not that your body cares.:) At least with distilled water you don't seem to get the idiots claiming OMG if you drink it it will strip away all the minerals from your body and KILL YOU! Like you do with RO/DI.

  5. FuzzyPlushroom Says:

    I knew I'd seen the "Datsubishi Grapefruit" mentioned somewhere before. Aha, your old article on sound cards.

  6. Tim Says:

    Ummm, you can lower the surface tension of water simply by adding a little soap or detergent (this is what they do).

    Drinking distilled (or deionised) water all the time isn't good for you as disolved minerals in your body will equilibriate with the pure water you've just ingested & when you excrete it you end up losing a lot of important stuff like Calcuim (for example).

    Read the labels on mineral water bottles there's usually between 0.1 & 0.4g of solids (carbonates etc) per litre, that all goes in & comes out via the kidneys (& so forth).

    Hmmm, lesee, human skeleton masses approx 14% of total body mass, I weigh 75kg, therefore 10.5kg body mass. if I drink 3 litres per day & lose 0.4g per litre, it will take me 24 years to become a jelly like blob. (but have serious effects waaay before then.



  7. pompomtom Says:

    How much for the grapefruit?

  8. TwoHedWlf Says:

    It's unfortunate that we only get 99% of the minerals and nutrients we ingest from our food. It's horrible how many millions of people die every day from drinking too-clean water and having the last traces of minerals flushed from their bodies.

  9. dr_w00t Says:

    What does it do to whiskey?

  10. phrantic Says:

    I love that Unique Water's slogan is "Too good to be true".

    And who ever said the quacks aren't honest?

  11. SA Penguin Says:

    I'm in Adelaide- the water quality here is (how shall I put it?) famous thoughout the nation. Personally, I use a Brita water filter in a jug.

    Sure it doesn't get EVERYTHING but it's quite good, and way cheaper than a still. (unsolicited testimonial)

  12. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Apropos of that, The Night I Bought a Water Filter is a fun read. (I meant to tuck a link to it into the post somewhere, but never did.)

  13. Chazzozz Says:

    And on he goes with the bizarre statements about air oxygen levels "as low as 10% near the traffic in major cities!", which is what us professionals refer to as "not true".

    Erm, not to mention that everyone in these areas would be unconcious Anyone who's done something similar to Advanced First Aid with CPR would probably have learned that around 17% you start to lose coordination and muscle control, at around 12% you'll get headaches and nausea, and around 9-10% you fall unconcious (and will swiftly die unless you get more oxygen somehow).

  14. kaykhanittha Says:


    Do you know where to find different Snake wine ? I already own this one:

    Thanks for help.

    (by the way I found your website on Google when looking for Snake wine bottles)

  15. dr_w00t Says:

    Dan, have you considered the existence of a fifth fundamental force of nature?

    I postulate there exists a strong loony force, whereby all loonies in the universe are attracted to your blog/site. This phenomenon is readily observable at the macroscopic level.

  16. ChesterJohn Says:

    I have been a recipient of the run off water for 3 years now from the LWM5. and recently the man loaned me his unit until returns in October.

    I would like to try and explain the effect that the John Ellis Water machines have on water. I went to the US patent site and read all patents associated to the John Ellis machine it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the associated patents written by scientist who discovered how to purify water. John Ellis simply made a small machine that does what the scientist discovered.

    the UV will kill and sterilize any water that is exposed to it. But that is not the sole purpose in the Machine. the purpose is to create a pure distilled water without the normal memory markers in water. You see not all distilled water is without memory markers disease and no distiller produces absolutely pure water. the John Ellis machine produce a water purity level of 00.06 to 00.02EC, and the average home distiller produces 01.40 to 00.02EC, I used an electrical device used by water purification companies to check the water. while the device does not tell you what is in the water it only check the electrical conductivity of the water. basically it just gives an indicator of the waters mineral dissolution levels that conduct the electrical current. that means my deep well water which registers a high 564.4EC may not have any harmful chemicals but has a large amounts of dissolved iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, salt and other minerals etc.

    Touching the UV radiation, in the boiling chamber the steam is exposed to a certain level of UV radiation that converts the steam to Ozone, when the Ozone is cooled in the distillation tubes it converts back to water with trace Hydrogen Peroxide which is what ozone turns to naturally when cooled, Even rain water has trace levels of Hydrogen Peroxide naturally, this makes the water Pathogen free. this is why the water works against cancers no pathogens. also explains why nothing will grow in the water for some time after the distilled water has been stored in bottles.

    The bond angle of water has been found to be lessened when pollutants are added to the water, the maximum natural water bond angle is actually 104.45 and some believe it can't be changed. However when shown the difference in a water sample from John Ellis machine they are surprised. Then someone came up with the solution as to why. the hydrogen peroxide and Ozone traces found in the water have wider bond angles that affects the water molecule. Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 has a bond angle of 111.5 and Ozone O3 has a bond angle of 116.8.

    Something else quite unique and observable is waters natural molecular shape is bent, but after the distilling it seems to be more biometric angular as that of H2O2 and O3. it would seem that the water takes on some of the traits of H2O2 and O3 structures. this would answer the question of why the distilled product will form columns, crevices and mountains when frozen. I have had the water form ice peaks in my freezer.

    Added together the properties of the wider bond angles can be attributed to the other two trace elements used to create the product. I have not gotten any verification from a Chemist as to the molecular structure of the product but it is still a form of water. it is not dangerous to drink as a matter of fact it has been found healthy is many cases.

    Also the machine excites water by centrifugal effect by stirring the water at a high rate of speed. What I have learned when water is excited it becomes H2O+ (positively charge Oxygen)when the water molecule is in this state it can combined at a atomic level easier with other molecules like the H2O2 and O3. thought this is very hard to observe scientifically. But when water is excited it becomes H2O+. I am not sure how it all works but here is a quote from a scientist as to what I tried to say simply and clear, "the solvated electron can recombine with the H2O+ cation to form an excited state of the water, this excited state then decomposes to species such as hydroxyl radicals (HO.), hydrogen atoms (H.) and oxygen atoms (O.). Finally, the solvated electron can react with solutes H2O2 and O3 and the solvated protons and then reform the hydrogen oxygen atoms."

    Another factor the water being treated is heated to very hot temperatures and switched back and forth to a cooler chamber, this is known as the equilibrium thermodynamic system that is the E5. Now heating the water to great temperatures and then passing it back and forth from one chamber to a cooler chamber and back again this is what causes the water to be able to take on different characteristics of the H2O2 and O3 without becoming either. the equilibrium is done by a certain amount of pressure exerted on the water molecules as they are heated in the boiling chamber then when pressure is to strong it causes the water and mixed gases to pass each other in the tube and cooling chamber the gases of O3 and H2O2 are intermixed in the water and it is this P=KC constant (P=Pressure, K=Kelvin or temp and C=concentration of gases) that works a reaction in the water. I don't understand it all yet but I am still researching about it. it is exciting stuff to say the least.

    also see John Ellis own web site under "how does it work" he will tell you how the machine works.

    At this point I feel I must make this Disclaimer, this is my own opinion and theory as to how John Ellis machine affects water, and not fully verified by the scientific community as I am neither a chemist or scientist. However I am no dummy either. Furthermore. this does not reflect on any opinion or theory of John Ellis, his family or his company as to why his product has a wider bond angle or its chemical components caused by hot to cooler chamber exchanges or UV radiation effects on water or steam. I do not know John Ellis or any of his family or business associates personally or professionally. But I wish I did.

    These were just some of the few things I understood and observed about the functions of the machine, and as I sought to understand what these things actually did to the water it was amazing to see that a little machine could do so much. By the way I have not spoken to you about the chamber and tube sizes and some of the physical things that also attribute to the machines functionality and performance as all these factors contribute to the end product. I am still trying to find out more as to what effect the machine has on water.

    But this I can say it lowered my blood cholesterol level, my blood pressure is lower, my heartbeat is lower, my stools are softer and more regular, my Kidney's and urinary tract stays clean and infection free, my little girl thinks I put sugar in the water (I think you all heard that one before), I let some flowers die in a vase filled with the water the flower completely rotted but the water stayed clean and odor free then I removed the remains of the flower and it took three months before moss grew in it, and the water did cause a strong reaction in my deep well. I had to pump the well clear which took four hours before we could drink it again.

    I hope this article will help some of you understand the effects of the John Ellis Living Water machine has on water. And in so doing this may help you to make a decision as to your purchase of the best water distiller on the market. There are no other machines that I know of that do so much to the water as John Ellis living water machine.

  17. Daniel Rutter Says:

    While I would like nothing more than to write a full point-by-point response to the above immense, and immensely plausible, block of text, I sadly lack the time.

    I have, therefore, merely rendered the comment in the green ink which its author surely intended to use.

  18. john ellis Says:

    If you look at our website and the York lab tests, any moron would wonder how you could produce water 827 times purer than the tap water when the closet competitor made water only 9 times purer! DAH! Corning: "Your lab tests are better than ours! "Obviously, something is going on!! Later, we discovered that even our "light" tap water produced the same results. Dole Foods has a contract number on our website after 9 months of testing! The scientists at a multibillion dollar company are stupid...right? UCLA Medical School tested every water available (including every water product) to see which water gives the best blood flow; "Nothing is even close!" How about the Washington Post: "Cures Anything!" 10,000 people/day that describes our world wide patents. They are all dumb also? Washington Times with a $600 million dollar investment: Jon Spokes (Advertising Manager) has an e-mail on our website. His wife had ovarian cancer. I am 80 years old with degrees in my field. Why don't the above idiots buy a machine, come to my Shohola. Pa property and tell me I don't know what I am talking about?? Otto Warburg: Nobel Prize Twice. We have the medical reports that they aren't even supposed to send us. Our Shohola, Pa Project Manager was supposed to die of cancer in 1997. Today, he is one of only 8 people in a multibillion dollar cancer study with Sloan Kettering that they aren't allowed to talk about. We have thousands of success stories and yet you are putting us down?? They say that our planet can support only 500 million people. Hopefully, dishonest people that I see on this website will be the first to go!! Don't think your "blogs" are "secret"! They aren't! How do you think the FBI finds perverts? We have thousands of diabetic supporters (for example) that have saved their legs (blood flow) in spite of the liars I see here...they are eagar to find you! Best...John

  19. john ellis Says:

    Please Note" "Chem1" has been ostracized by SFU. They no longer show his picture as a "retired Chemistry professor". They also told him to take down a picture of the University (to increase his credibilty) and PUBLISH: "My chemistry Courses are no longer officially approved!". All this is a result of comments from our supporters ranging from scientists at Los Alamos to Johns Hopkins..communicated to Jon Spokes, Advertising Manager of the Washington Times on our website. Best...John

  20. Daniel Rutter Says:

    None of the scientists of my acquaintance have ever been able to explain to me how they keep track of all of these Giant Conspiracies To Suppress The Life-Saving Truth.

    You'd think that sometimes, while covering up one of the dozens of completely different ways to run a car on water, they'd accidentally let slip a clue about one of the dozens of completely different ways to make water that cures cancer.

    But no. Only when the scientists secretly get together to do secret tests, in secret, like the several secret tests Mr Ellis alludes to above, do they ever let the truth slip. And then only, in secret, to poor scorned prophets like Mr Ellis.

    When anybody else asks, say, UCLA, if they ever did any such test, they of course say that they have not the slightest idea what we're talking about, and also that the very question "which water gives the best blood flow?" is completely crazy.

    What a magnificent bastard every single scientist in the world must be.

  21. mjdares Says:

    this water actually HELPED my kidneys,i needed transplant if creatine rose by.10.they are now ,better than my doctors!!!maybe i could have just boiled water,i DONT think so,though.isold some of these machines,they have MAJOR electrical deficiencies!!!!!everything in the heating element chamber is CHEAP!!!!it is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MEDICAL QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!my machine is burnt-up & i am actually getting sick,AGAIN!!!it HAS to be the WATER,so SAD the owner wont repair/replace defective parts/aquipment.he IS a PSYCHOPATHIC LIAR,also a PIECE of _ _ _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am coming to see you,JACK

  22. Daniel Rutter Says:

    This stuff's getting even better!

  23. mjdares Says:

    hey john(jack)ellis,how come the ONLY PERSON i could contact from YOUR CRAZY RAMBLINGS,said that they had to "REBUID THE ENTIRE ELECTRICAL CONNECTION SYSTEM",what a SAFE product for mostly POOR PEOPLE!!!hope they dont leave YOUR "medical quality machines"PLUGGED-IN at NIGHT!!!!!!!mine caught FIRE,then has been repaired 31 times in ONE YEAR AND YOU STILL WON'T REPLACE MY HEATER.i even sold this QUACKS machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is a real WINNER,this buds for you,-ickhead

  24. mjdares Says:

    hey daniel wanna go see this idiot's SHOP,how about his "BOTTLING AREA,where they bottle the shipped out water!!!!!!!!i would already be THERE ,but this guy broke me.

  25. mjdares Says:

    guess what??????????????this guys house and factory are a dilapidated house and a barn where his ONE PERSON SHOP,builds and repairs?call the boy scouts and ask how much this guy has helped(DUHH)all these companys he talks about,give us a name and number,JACK.

    -------------------CHEAP A-- EQUIPMENT!!!----------------------------------

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