Firepower mini-update

As it turns out, the strange and suspiciously connected investment opportunity that is Firepower is, I'm happy to say, completely above board, and all of their products work perfectly.

Naaah - only kidding!

Actually, Firepower's magic fuel pills now seem likely to be the same thing that got another Western Australian company busted and (not very heavily) fined in 2003. And the guy in charge of Firepower was himself exposed as selling a worthless fuel pill in New Zealand back in 1992.

That last one must sting a bit, mustn't it?

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  1. Jaymis Says:

    This is so much fun. It's like the first time watching Titanic on the big screen. You know where it's going to lead but whooooooooooooooooo isn't impressive to see it played out on a big, expensive stage.

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